I was born by the Eelcoast, the very southeast coastline of Sweden. This heritage; my family's eel fishing cottage and its surroundings, has provided me with colours, shapes, structures and scents many years of my life. These collected impressions from the fishing culture and the environment I chose to pay attention to in my Bachelor of fashion from 2008 - Bräckt, for which I was awarded by The Swedish Fashion Council.

The inspiration comes from the moment of being there. the calm but at the same time energetic feeling of being at the place of my inspiration; feeling melancholy over the loss of past traditions but still hope when looking at future horizons.

The place provided me with an answer of my goal to find attractive methods of how to work with fashion now and in the future; since my concern of a healthy environment is strong it came to be about using the nature in new ways and using the already existing facilities to create new fabrics and fashion, e.g. I buried fabric at the shoreline, smoked fabric in a fish smoker and draped with stones found at the shoreline. In the consequence of my methods my collection smells from the ocean, seaweed and tar. scents many people can relate to, to awake memories of their own. In this way I believe I made a global product out of a local heritage.

Fish Eye Necklace is made in cooperation with glass designer Nina Westman.