The collection is named Jahve, which is the Hebrew word for God. The concept of the collection is about the questioning of feelings and acting in Christianity whose constitution is simple - you should love your neighbour as yourself. At the same time the religion creates very complicated situations and conflicts that makes it a theme of current interest (the Mohammed pictures at that time).

To me faith is about hope, something beyond the present. The thought gives peace, which I expressed in my outfits through a simple silhouette and ascetic colours. Like most religions it contains opposing elements: the red colour stands for love but also for blood and torment. The details in gold create warmth but also reflect sin. The divine contra the doubtful in sin and the constant forgiveness, is given a central role in the collection.

Jahve also means "I am". My faith lies in the belief of a sustainable society and care for the environment. Therefore I have used natural materials for my garments, e.g., ecological linen and vegetable tanned leather.

The result is somehow bothering but still beautiful. The garments express solitude as well as confidence, chastity as well as sinfulness. The aim of the collection is neither to praise nor to criticize any religion. It's created to raise questions and conversations about a topic with great significance for mankind, whether you believe or not.